Caring for aging parents is stressful, overwhelming and often leads to isolation. But the reality is—you are not alone. Resources, information and other caregiver support is available right within your community. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones to attend one of our upcoming workshops.

Below is a summary, but click here for our FULL CALENDAR OF SUPPORT GROUPS AND  EVENTS and check back frequently as we continually add new events throughout all of Pinellas and Pasco counties. For information on how to schedule an in-service or workshop at your location, contact Linda or Christine at (727) 723-7532.

Regular Caregiver Support Groups in the Pinellas Area

With our home office located in Largo, Harmony is dedicated to provided regular support to our local community. We are proud to offer the following support groups every month — same time, same location. Good news is…you can join in any time! Simply call our office to let Linda know that you plan to attend. Even if only one person calls to RSVP, Linda will be there to give you the support you need.

  • Every Tuesday – Caregiver Support Group 3:00 pm, Harmony Office
  • First Wednesday – Caregiver Support Group 1:30 pm, Grand Villa
  • First Saturday – Caregiver Support Group 10:00 am, Harmony Office
  • First Saturday – Journaling Workshop 12:00 pm, Pacifica Senior Living Belleair
  • First Saturday – Caregiver Support Group, 3:00 pm, Safety Harbor Senior Living
  • Third Monday – P.A.S.T.A. Support Group 1:00 pm, Harmony Office
  • Last Thursday – Caregiver Support Group 10:00 am, Barrington Terrace
  • Last Thursday – Caregiver Support Group 2:00 pm, Pacifica Senior Living of Belleair

For addresses and descriptions, please click here for our full calendar of Support Groups & Events.

Please note: all Support Groups and Workshops are open to the public and Free of charge.

Here’s what past attendees have to say about our family caregiver support workshops:

“Linda is real & sincere, and she talks about all the thoughts that go through people’s minds but don’t always come out of their mouths. She helped me to open up and share my worries I will be sure to tell any other caregivers about her workshops.”

“…your workshop gave me hope. I felt so alone but now I have some tools and resources to relieve my stress. Thank you Linda.”

“Your kindness and compassion touched my heart. I thoroughly enjoyed your workshop. Thank you for taking the time to write your book and thanks for easing my caregiver guilt. You are so right, tomorrow may be too late to say I love you.”

“You make everyone feel at ease. You are a blessing to many. Keep up the good work.“ “I enjoyed seeing there are a lot of resources I can look into to make this journey easier.”

10 Tips for Caregivers

1. Ask for help. Caregivers are a resource and a source of strength for one another. Learn about support groups and try one.
2. Communicate. Gather family and professionals together to develop a plan and organize care. Don’t let yourself become disconnected.
3. Avoid a crisis. Seek legal advice early and input from your loved one on decisions.
4. Be an advocate. Stay informed on medical issues and ask lots of questions.
5. Monitor your health. Stress and lack of sleep = burnout. Listen to your body.
6. Make a list. Writing down your worries, needs and wishes allows you to identify and address them.
7. Schedule time for you. Dedicate a minimum of a few hours a week to take a break.
8. Connect with a buddy. Through support groups or friends, find someone to talk to regularly.
9. Keep a notebook. Maintain health info, track behavior changes, and document legal issues in one place for easy reference.
10. Review home safety. As your loved one’s personal and medical needs change, safety features of the home need to be reviewed. This will prevent accidents and avert crises.

For details on any of our calendar events or support groups, please call Linda Burhans or Christine Hamacher at 727- 723-7532.

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