Is Fall Right Around the Corner?

By Harmony Home Health

Fall PreventionHow many different Fall Risk Factors can you name?

How many could affect your loved one right now?

What are you doing to PREVENT those factors from tipping over from being a “risk” to actually becoming the CAUSE of a fall?

Every 15 seconds, an older adult is treated for a fall.

As Fall Prevention Specialists, Harmony Home Health is completely dedicated to educating our seniors and their families to all the ways they can avoid falls and minimize the after-effects of falls. Our commitment to the Pasco-Pinellas Fall Prevention Coalition and development of community education programs are just two ways we carry out this mission.

September 22nd marks the official beginning of the season of Fall and, coincidentally, the start of National Fall Prevention Awareness Month. Just as we can’t prevent the season from starting, we can’t necessarily stop a fall once it’s started either. Gravity is a powerful force and that’s why we must build up our strength to maintain balance in all aspects of our lives. However, we CAN minimize the risk for falls and avoid stacking up those layers of risk against ourselves and those we love.

To raise awareness for Fall Prevention in our community, Harmony Home Health is co-sponsoring a unique educational event with Grand Villa of Largo and HealthSouth Rehabilitation Hospital, along with nearly a dozen other professional partners dedicated to educating families on this important issue.

WHEN: Thursday, September 27th
WHAT TIME: 3:00-7:00 p.m.
WHERE: Grand Villa of Largo, 750 Starkey Road

This event will include speakers and interactive exhibits from Harmony Home Health, Healthsouth Rehabilitation Hospital and eleven other members of the Pasco-Pinellas Fall Prevention Coalition. The education team pulled together for this event covers a variety of factors in Fall Prevention Awareness:

  • medical diagnoses
  • physical therapy
  • medications
  • vision screenings
  • exercise & balance
  • emotional support
  • home/environmental safety

All participants in this unprecedented event have donated PRIZE AWARDS totaling over $2,000 in fall prevention services and products for the public. Winners will walk away with prizes such as: a weekend respite package, a 5-hour home health gift of care, free massages, a brand new walker, a gift basket of mobile DME supplies, free vision care, or any one of many other valuable gift certificates and product prizes that will help keep them safe at home.

For more information call (727) 723-7532. To reserve your spot, call (727) 493-0164.

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