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Health care professionals love working with Harmony to provide quality in-home senior care.

We pride ourselves on working well with other health care professionals in the community to provide the highest quality senior care for your loved one. From the beginning, our CEO Jonathan Bowman has worked closely with health care professionals in the area to build a solid foundation for our home health care services. Our Harmony team works cooperatively with doctors, therapists, skilled nurses, facilities, and all individuals involved in the care plan for your loved one. Our reputation within the healthcare community is one you can trust.

About Harmony:

“I think that your staff provides caregivers that are going to be perfect for a family member. You go out there, you do the right assessment, you figure it all out, and you bring in the right caregiver for that particular position. That caregiver will go into a family’s home as a stranger; they will come out a few hours later as a care team member and that family wants them back again and again and again. That’s what makes the difference to me.”

   – Karen Truman, Ph.D., Owner of Dementia Caregiver Resources, Inc.

“Harmony does a lot of training, and I think that it is always good to continually train your staff on what’s new – new techniques of approaching someone with dementia, or what other sources of support do you need? Now you have caregiver support as part of your company – no one else has that extra person who is there, who can answer those questions and support the caregiver. We always think we are supporting the caregiver when we are taking care of the loved one, but you go the extra mile and say ‘No, we also want to take care of the person who has that loved one’. And to me that sets you apart.”

   – Kim Linder, CSA, President of Senior Holistic Living and Host of The Caregiver Hour Radio Show

“My experiences with Harmony Home Health have been so heart-felt and so genuine that I don’t hesitate when someone asks for who they can work with, who they may be able to turn to for some care and some extra attention that they might need. All of the people at Harmony Home Health, they operate from a heart center and they really put the needs of their patients and the families of those patients forefront of all of the services offered. I have no hesitation in recommending them.”

   – Rebecca Weitzel, Pacifica Senior Living Belleair

“Usually when we recommend home health it is because the person is slipping in one or more areas of taking care of their activities of daily living. Either they are unable to clean their homes, they are unable to eat properly, and usually after we have Harmony come in, we see people eating much better, they are gaining weight back and looking healthier, they are much less depressed, they feel like there is somebody there for them and they feel secure that they are going to be able to remain in their own homes.”

   – Dr. Steven Bowman, M.D.

About Harmony CEO, Jonathan Bowman:

“I remember when he told me that Harmony Home Health was going to be one of the first companies to train healthcare professionals and families about fall prevention to benefit his elderly clients and other seniors in our community. He quickly reminded me that the number one reason why seniors visit the Emergency Room at a hospital is because they have fallen. He also understood that less falls meant less deaths. His vision to see the gravity of the situation and seeing there was a way to improve the lives of seniors and their families was monumental.”

   – Kim Linder, CSA, Senior Holistic Living, The Caregiver Hour


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