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Read and watch video’s below from our happy clients, employees, and community professionals as they talk about their experience with Harmony Home Health. Thank you for all of the kind words and for the opportunity to help!



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Our Clients

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see why our clients love us!

“Thank you for making us part of Harmony’s family. Joyce and I are extremely grateful for your amazing staff. Both Connie and Barbara were more than caregivers – they are truly ‘Angels’. Words cannot express how helpful ALL of you were to us.” God Bless, Joseph & Joyce Corvino

“My caregiver enjoys cleaning my house and that means so much to me! We laugh and talk and she gets me. I never have to wonder if she is going to show up and I have always had to wonder in the past. I love that Harmony is involved in the whole process because my old company did not call me, they left it up to the aides to make the calls and set up their own schedules. I like that I can tell Harmony things and they actually know whats going on with me and my health aides.” – Linda S.


“Harmony Home Health is a positive thing for me because I can go out of the house and feel that my husband is safe and that he is being taken care of. Also, if I have appointments or anything, and something happens to the caregiver and they can’t come in that day, Harmony Home Health sends somebody. There is nothing where they say ‘Well, we don’t have anybody today.’ They always have somebody to send in.” – Bibi

“’I’m very happy that Harmony Home Health sent Judith to care for my husband. She has been very attentive to his needs and wishes. She has taken extra safety precautions when assisting and bathing him, as he is unsteady on his feet. She is always prompt, points out any problems to our attention and suggests solutions. We’re happy to have her come into our home and thank her for her help.” – Noelle & Raymond M.

“I appreciate the service I have received. Kathy has been very satisfactory and a delight to have around. When I feel the need in the future, I will contact you.” – Louise N.

“Well, I live alone, and I needed help. I really can’t do much for myself because I can’t wash myself [with a broken arm], I cannot dress myself, and try washing one hand at a time. It is impossible to get your hands clean! But that is what I have to do. So she has made my life much easier. I just feel that I am able to cope with this much better. I am not a young woman, I’m pretty old, and it’s difficult when you get to be my age to cope with this kind of an injury.” – Selma B.

“Thank you, thank you for all your help. Greatly appreciated.” – Señora P.

“My caregiver goes out of her way to help me. She came the other day when she wasn’t even supposed to. Things like that mean a lot to me because I don’t have anyone else. She works quickly and we get a lot done. I think she deserves some recognition for all she does for me.” – Carol L.

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Harmony Home Health Caregivers

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Our caregivers care to share why they love being part of our family.

“I’ve always enjoyed relating to seniors. For the past two years, I’ve had the extreme pleasure of caring for aging elders as a Harmony Home Health companion. Whether it’s taking a walk or helping them care for their pets, there’s no better feeling than seeing them smile and relax knowing they can rely on me. Their joy and appreciation truly feeds my soul. It’s an honor to be a part of such a warm, supportive team of professionals. Thanks, Jonathan, for understanding that when you treat your employees right, it impacts everyone we come in contact with.” –Pat M.

“One of my summer jobs was with a lady who had broken her leg. I was there for almost three months and at the very end of the case, she says to me, ‘Christina, without you, I wouldn’t be able to do it.’ It just made me feel so good that I accomplished something. Then my other job early in the morning when I work there, the lady that I take care of opens her arms and says, “Come to me, let me give you a hug!’…That makes my day.” –Christina S.

“I’ve been with Harmony for nearly a year and the people here are always friendly, helpful, caring—plus they keep me well informed. I’ve worked for nursing homes, and this is much better. It’s so rewarding to see how I’m improving people’s lives, appearances and attitudes. The smile I get when I show up says it all.” –Carrie B.

“Thank you all so much for hiring me. I am so grateful. It has truly enriched my life.” –Shelly L.
“I’ve worked for Harmony Home Health for the past two and a half years, and I love it. The people are always pleasant and responsive, and they treat you like family.” –Sarah K.
“I am happy to work for such a wonderful agency and wonderful caring staff. Sure glad you hired me. Thank you!” –Lillian R.

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Professionals In The Community

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Health care professionals love working with Harmony to provide quality in-home senior care.

We pride ourselves on working well with other health care professionals in the community to provide the highest quality senior care for your loved one. From the beginning, our CEO Jonathan Bowman has worked closely with health care professionals in the area to build a solid foundation for our home health care services. Our Harmony team works cooperatively with doctors, therapists, skilled nurses, facilities, and all individuals involved in the care plan for your loved one. Our reputation within the healthcare community is one you can trust.

About Harmony:

“I think that your staff provides caregivers that are going to be perfect for a family member. You go out there, you do the right assessment, you figure it all out, and you bring in the right caregiver for that particular position. That caregiver will go into a family’s home as a stranger; they will come out a few hours later as a care team member and that family wants them back again and again and again. That’s what makes the difference to me.”


“My caregiver goes out of her way to help me. She came the other day when she wasn’t even supposed to. Things like that mean a lot to me because I don’t have anyone else. She works quickly and we get a lot done. I think she deserves some recognition for all she does for me.” – Carol L.

“Harmony does a lot of training, and I think that it is always good to continually train your staff on what’s new – new techniques of approaching someone with dementia, or what other sources of support do you need? Now you have caregiver support as part of your company – no one else has that extra person who is there, who can answer those questions and support the caregiver. We always think we are supporting the caregiver when we are taking care of the loved one, but you go the extra mile and say ‘No, we also want to take care of the person who has that loved one’. And to me that sets you apart.” – Kim Linder, CSA, President of Senior Holistic Living and Host of The Caregiver Hour Radio Show

“My experiences with Harmony Home Health have been so heart-felt and so genuine that I don’t hesitate when someone asks for who they can work with, who they may be able to turn to for some care and some extra attention that they might need. All of the people at Harmony Home Health, they operate from a heart center and they really put the needs of their patients and the families of those patients forefront of all of the services offered. I have no hesitation in recommending them.” – Rebecca Weitzel, Pacifica Senior Living Belleair

About Harmony CEO, Jonathan Bowman:

“I remember when he told me that Harmony Home Health was going to be one of the first companies to train healthcare professionals and families about fall prevention to benefit his elderly clients and other seniors in our community. He quickly reminded me that the number one reason why seniors visit the Emergency Room at a hospital is because they have fallen. He also understood that less falls meant less deaths. His vision to see the gravity of the situation and seeing there was a way to improve the lives of seniors and their families was monumental.” – Kim Linder, CSA, Senior Holistic Living, The Caregiver Hour

Family Caregivers

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Families are full of good things to say about our senior home health family.

When you’re caring for aging parents, choosing a home health care agency you can feel good about means everything. There’s nothing like hearing about the positive experiences others are having with our caregiver support and in home services to help you breathe a little easier.

“I want to commend your company for providing my mother with good help. You have followed through well in choosing home helpers for her. This has enabled her to stay home confidently and even improve her health due to the consistent care of your helpers. Ruth has been a very good and dependable helper. She is able to do what needs to be done without prodding. I don’t know what we would have done if Ruth had not been the one that you sent to work with my mother. I give her a big vote of thanks. I also want to commend Carrie for her work with my mother. Carrie has shown herself to be a caring, trustworthy, alert and industrious helper. Carrie and my mother have a lot in common and get along wonderfully well. I can be here in New Jersey and be confident my mother is in good hands in Florida. Because her helpers do such good work, I’m free of worry about not being there every day. Thanks for providing such good help.”
–Michael S., Wharton, NJ

“How can I thank you and your staff for the wonderful care you gave my mother during the short duration that we were in need of your services! Melanie took time to answer all of our questions and put us at ease that we were making a good decision in using Harmony Home Health to assist with our Mom’s deteriorating health. Then Marci – what can I say – she is a true professional and has an immense amount of compassion! She was able to diffuse some difficult situations and maneuver her out of her home, onto a plane and into her new home in Maryland. We could not have accomplished this feat without her! She was wonderful – keeping us posted daily with the different Aides and concerns in making sure that appropriate staffing was put in place to meet my Mom’s changing moods! And Nina and the rest of the staff were always, always pleasant when I phoned in – I feel like I know you all! Thank you so very much for being there for my family and I – it was so difficult being so far away and we know that our Mom was being well cared for! You are appreciated far more than you may know.” –Brenda F., Westminster, MD



“Harmony Home Health has been wonderful in helping my aunt for the last four months. After my 88 year old aunt suffered pneumonia, she was no longer able to live alone and care for herself on a daily basis, especially immediately after her discharge from the hospital. Since I live 1,200 miles away and have my immediate family to care for, I truly was in a dilemma as to how to care for her short of having her return with me to Illinois. The hospital suggested Harmony Home Health. They were exactly what my aunt needed—someone to look in on her without being too intrusive, available at all hours in case she needed help and discreet in giving the service she actually needed. A wonderful former nurse, Patsy, came to care for my aunt during her convalescence. Patsy continues to stop by my aunt’s house when she is in need of help, although the hours have become less as my aunt has regained her strength. Patsy has given me peace of mind as I know my aunt is in excellent hands. My aunt has developed a good friendship with Patsy and I think this has contributed to her recovery. I am truly grateful for Harmony Home Health’s existence.”
–Marilyn B., Illinois

“This letter is to thank you for the superior service your agency has provided to my mother and to me. I especially want to let you know what a wonderful help Cathy has been to us. During the time Cathy assisted my mother, she demonstrated she was highly trustworthy, dependable and had a great amount of initiative. It was sometimes difficult for my mother to specify her needs but Cathy was very perceptive and understanding of the situation and frequently went above and beyond the scope of her required duties to help her. I truly felt that she was partnering with me in leaving me detailed updates and information on my mother’s daily routine. Cathy is an exceptionally cheerful and friendly person and was frequently able to lift my mother’s spirits when she was feeling depressed or physically ill. I consider this to be a great asset when someone is working with the elderly. She respected my mother’s privacy but always kept a watchful eye out for her needs and well-being.” –Carolyn C., Safety Harbor, FL

“This is to recommend Harmony Home Health as an excellent home care and support arrangement for elderly seniors. Recently our mother began to fail a bit physically and mentally. She was still living independently, but was having more and more trouble keeping up with the little things in life such as meals, shopping, trips to the post office and the like. As her children, both of us on the West Coast, we were pleased and comforted to have Harmony Home health look after her. The people were understanding, patient and positive in their interactions with our mom as well as clear and forthright in their communications with us. We felt comfortable calling Jonathan and discussing our mother’s care. He was clearly informed about her situation and needs, and had on-the-ground knowledge of her from having been with her himself. He was willing to listen and make adjustments to our mom’s care based on our conversations with him. The attendants themselves were equally competent and helpful, willing to address our mother’s idiosyncrasies but, most of all, just willing to treat her kindly and do things for her that she simply would not have done for herself. Our mother made remarkable improvement while under the care of Harmony Home health and came to really look forward to their visits. And we, her children, separated from her by a continent, felt comfortable that our mother was happy and well cared for. We thank Jonathan and his staff for the attention our mom received and recommend Harmony Home health to others in this situation.”
–Karl & Jessica L., CA & WA

“Thank you for your service. Your company’s efforts made a significant difference in the quality of Dion’s life. Please let Mark know how much Dion enjoyed their time together and how much our family appreciated his efforts.” –Shannon M., Pawcatuck, CT

“On very short notice, Harmony Home Health was contacted to provide companion services for my 90-year-old step-mother. Although this was a short two day service, Harmony Home Health provided the personal care, necessary concern and attention required for an 8pm-8am assignment. We’re very pleased with the service and would recommend Harmony Home Health as a most competent service provider.”
–David R., Upper Montclair, NJ

“Thank you so much for sending Shirley to drive my mother home from her surgery and hospital stay, and to stay with her a few days to help her in her home. She did an excellent job in every way and we certainly appreciate having her. We certainly know where to turn when we are in need of a home helper.” –Sol G., Clearwater, FL

“Thank you for the professional and loving care you gave our mother. All you did was greatly appreciated.”
–JoAnne & Jay H., Clearwater, FL

“Lillian and Ruth have been doing an outstanding job with my dad. Thanks so much for your support.” –Steve H., Roanoke, VA

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